Hi, I'm Valerie Motard.

I'm a product designer (UX/UI).
I craft delightful and engaging experiences.

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Heroes or Villains?

DC Heroes & and Villains is an RPG Match-3 mobile game, where players can assemble legendary DC characters like Batman, Superman and Harley Quinn and engage in battles across iconic DC locations. The game immerses players in the DC universe with thrilling storylines, epic events and a variety of game modes such as PVP and Guilds.

Core Loop

Collect well-known DC characters, elevate their power through leveling up and gears and engage in match-3 RPG battles.


Gradually introduced game mechanics supported by interactive tutorials, clear instructions, feedback and informative pop-ups to foster an engaging experience accessible for players of all skill levels.


Each game mode is accompanied by its own distinct visual theme, which serves as a visual identifier that helps players locate themselves within the game and understand which mode they are currently playing.

The team

This project came to life thanks to the collaborative efforts of an exceptionally talented and skilled team. Shout out to the whole team for their dedication, passion and hard work.

For further details on the design process, which includes competitive analysis, player research, testing, prototyping, iterative refinement, and valuable insights, please refer to the case study.

View UX Case Study (PDF)


Home Insurance Quote Made Easy

Home inspector is a phone application that enables users to get a home insurance quote after submitting their property's information and pictures.

Users are prompted to input information regarding their home and belongings as well as to take a picture of each side of their property.

More than one property can be added, each of them gets a colour assigned to help users navigate and locate themselves within the app.

Name development ⋅ Brand Strategy ⋅ Visual Identity ⋅ UX/UI

Save money when buying or selling a property

Reltora is a startup company from Palm Beach, Florida aiming to take advantage of the technology to reduce considerably the costs associated with selling or buying a property.

The logo

Since a lot of the business is happening online, the logo was developed to be highly flexible and simple enough to be easily displayed on mobile devices.

The logo Concept

The negative space of the letters "L" and "T" creates a rectangular shape that depicts an entrance that symbolizes the start of a journey. This suggestion recalls the imagination of the audience and let people make up their own story, which increases the logo's memorability.

MLS Listed Properties

The website displays listed properties from the MLS database, enabling users to see all listed properties in their preferred area and view property details.

Icon Set

A variety of unique icons was developed to make information easy to find and well organized.

Home Page

Divided in two, the home page has a search area to prompt users to search for listed properties and it also has a call-to-action that describes how much money can be saved when dealing with Reltora.

Data Visualization

Visual Representation of Complex Concepts

Cyber security research often deals with intricate technical details and abstract concepts. Visual metaphors, diagrams, charts, and icons are employed to simplify and clarify these concepts. The goal is to strike a balance between accuracy and accessibility, ensuring that viewers can grasp the essence of the research without oversimplifying or omitting critical details.

Initial Communication with Experts

The design process begins with in-depth discussions with cyber security experts for understanding the research findings and determine the essential content for communication.

The ESET Android and the ESET logo are registered trademarks of ESET spol. sr.o. or respective ESET entity and are used with permission from ESET Canada Inc.

Review and Feedback

Throughout the design process, continuous feedback loops are essential. Experts review the drafts to verify accuracy and relevance to the research findings. Feedback helps in refining the content and visuals further, ensuring that the final infographic effectively communicates the intended message.

Name development ⋅ Brand Strategy ⋅ Visual Identity ⋅ UX/UI

Helping online merchants stop suspicious orders

Ekbit is a fraud management system that enables online merchants to set a number of customized rules in order to determine whether an order should be automatically processed, set on pending list for manual review or automatically rejected.

The concept

The concept was based on the idea that the system acts as a powerful filter that let the good go through, but blocks the unwanted. This idea led itself to the analogy with scavengers: animals that feed on dead animals. This behaviour has a positive impact on the ecosystem - cleaning up the environment and reducing the risks of bacteria and disease contagion. Amongst the scavenger family can be found the condors. They distinguish themselves by their extremely good sense of smell and eyesight, which allows them to spot dead animals’ body from far away.

The Rules Package

The interface was designed to allow the user to set an infinite number of rules to control whether orders can be processed or not. A variety of factors such as the location of the customer and the shipping/billing address dissimilarity can be determined in the rules to target fraudulent intent.

The Dashboard

The dashboard summarizes the latest activities and recent transactions in multiple graphs and charts, which allows users to quickly view and understand the overall condition of the orders.

Book Layout Design

Applied Mechatronics

Book layout design made for Oxford University Press.


The layout includes all character and paragraph styles, as well as tables, lists, and other elements.

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