DC Heroes & Villains Mobile Game


Heroes or Villains?

DC Heroes & and Villains is an RPG Match-3 mobile game, where players can assemble legendary DC characters like Batman, Superman and Harley Quinn and engage in battles across iconic DC locations. The game immerses players in the DC universe with thrilling storylines, epic events and a variety of game modes such as PVP and Guilds.

Core Loop

Collect well-known DC characters, elevate their power through leveling up and gears and engage in match-3 RPG battles.


Gradually introduced game mechanics supported by interactive tutorials, clear instructions, feedback and informative pop-ups to foster an engaging experience accessible for players of all skill levels.


Each game mode is accompanied by its own distinct visual theme, which serves as a visual identifier that helps players locate themselves within the game and understand which mode they are currently playing.

The team

This project came to life thanks to the collaborative efforts of an exceptionally talented and skilled team. Shout out to the whole team for their dedication, passion and hard work.

For further details on the design process, which includes competitive analysis, player research, testing, prototyping, iterative refinement, and valuable insights, please refer to the case study.

View UX Case Study (PDF)
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