Reltora: an innovative realtor business

Name development ⋅ Brand Strategy ⋅ Visual Identity ⋅ UX/UI

Save money when buying or selling a property

Reltora is a startup company from Palm Beach, Florida aiming to take advantage of the technology to reduce considerably the costs associated with selling or buying a property.

The logo

Since a lot of the business is happening online, the logo was developed to be highly flexible and simple enough to be easily displayed on mobile devices.

The logo Concept

The negative space of the letters "L" and "T" creates a rectangular shape that depicts an entrance that symbolizes the start of a journey. This suggestion recalls the imagination of the audience and let people make up their own story, which increases the logo's memorability.

MLS Listed Properties

The website displays listed properties from the MLS database, enabling users to see all listed properties in their preferred area and view property details.

Icon Set

A variety of unique icons was developed to make information easy to find and well organized.

Home Page

Divided in two, the home page has a search area to prompt users to search for listed properties and it also has a call-to-action that describes how much money can be saved when dealing with Reltora.

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